Family Law

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

Benjamin & Melmer, LLC represents clients in all aspects of the dissolution process. Whether its representation in a simplified or uncontested dissolution of marriage, or representation in contentious litigation with your spouse, at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC we are here to help you through the process in a compassionate yet effective manner. Our scope of representation can be as simple as drafting the legal documents necessary for court to an all-encompassing, full service representation throughout the litigation process. We have experience representing clients in all aspects of a divorce including equitable distribution, alimony, parenting plans and child support.


Not all issues involving child support and time-sharing occur in the context of a divorce. Paternity actions can be brought by either a child’s biological mother or father requesting such things as court ordered child support, a determination of paternity and parenting plans involving the time-sharing and distribution of parental responsibilities between parents of a child. At Benjamin & Melmer, LLC, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively advocate for you and your child’s rights in a paternity action.


Divorce and paternity actions include the imposition of court orders on the parties involved in the litigation. Such orders may consist of requiring one party to pay child support or alimony to the other, time-sharing commitments of one party to the other and parental responsibilities of one party to the other. When one party fails to obey these court orders, it is incumbent on the other to try and enforce them through either motions for enforcement or contempt. Contempt is a serious action that can be criminal in nature. The penalties of such an action can include fines, liens and even incarceration. Let us at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC work on your behalf to resolve these serious and often complex actions in a judicious and effective manner..


Although a divorce or paternity action may have ended in the courts, we at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC recognize that all the issues involved in your relationship with your former spouse or significant other may not have. The law is very specific on what circumstances give a judge the authority to modify a previously entered agreement. This is why the retention of an experienced attorney is so important in such matters. Let us here at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC advocate on behalf of you and your children in such matters..